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PRP (platelet rich plasma)

What is platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy ?
Autologous PRP is a naturally occurring component of your blood. PRP encourages skin rejuvenation by stimulating the growth of your own collagen and improving blood supply to the tissues, both of which are important anti ageing factors in anti ageing therapies. Your skin tone and texture will improve as the PRP stimulates new collagen growth.

Contains high levels of tissue growth and regeneration factors which are vital to cell growth and rejeuvanation.

What does the process involve?
A small amount of your own blood (approx 20mls) is processed in a special system designed to extract the PRP serum in a safe clinical way, containing your unique concentrated platelets and tissue growth factors is injected into the areas of the face, neck, d├ęcolletage and other skin areas that require revitalisation.

Is PRP safe ?
PRP is your own unique tissue and so you are using your own blood to repair and improve your skin tissue. Slight swelling and redness may present after the procedure but this is temporary.

Is there discomfort following the treatment?
The use of a topical anaesthetic cream is used before injecting the PRP. You may feel a tingling sensation after the procedure and there maybe redness, slight swelling and bruising. These symptoms will soon disappear.
The procedure will take approx 45-60 minutes.

What results will you see?
Your skin tone and texture will improve as new collagen cells are stimulated and develop. Visible results may take 3-6 weeks and a course of 3 treatments 4 weeks apart is recommended.

We are all unique and so results will depend upon a number of factors including your overall health status, age, whether you smoke, as well as a number of other health factors including your unique skin type.

Are there any contraindications?
If you are in good health there are unlikely to be any contraindications but you must inform your specialist if you are taking any medication, blood thinning medication (anti-coagulants), undergoing steroidal or any other long term therapies.